Ice Hockey Equipment Checklist

Hockey is what most of us would call a “tools intensive sporting activity.” With every one of the tools needed to play the game, even the most experienced veteran is prone to failing to remember something at some time. You can ensure that you do not get captured without an important piece of equipment by going through a straightforward devices checklist.


Hockey Sticks: Major hockey players will be 2 because if you just bring one as well as it damages, you remain in big trouble. Make certain that regardless of how many sticks you bring, you write your name on the stick. Otherwise, somebody may utilize the old “5-finger price cut” and also walk off with yours.

Hockey Skates: Skates take a little while to barge in, so be sure to get some ice time in prior to video game day. If you don’t, your feet are likely to be killing you the following day. Learn more info on synthetic ice where you play hockey in this link.

Shin Guards: First and foremost, see to it that you have the correctly sized shin guards. Once that’s looked after, all you will require to do is make certain that you don’t wind up with just one in your bag. Constantly verify that the complete pair is with you.

Jock Strap: We do not actually require to say much here. Forget this and you’ll recognize it.

Garter Belt: This is essential because if you forget it, you’ll have trouble with your hockey socks all game long. Hockey tape is a short-term option, but it’s definitely not as efficient as the hockey garter belt.

Hockey Socks: Hockey socks will certainly cover your shin guards and if you are playing on an arranged team, these might be required to be a certain color. Make sure to inspect.

Suspenders: The last thing you desire is to get captured with your trousers down … your hockey trousers that are. Neglect your suspenders and also you just might be that unfortunate.

Hockey Pants: The main piece of equipment for mid/lower body protection and also probably the bulkiest piece of gamer equipment. Like your various other items of hockey equipment, your hockey pants are required to play. Make sure that you don’t neglect your trousers and the suspenders to maintain them up.

Shoulder Pads: Security for your entire top body. A correct fit is important below due to the fact that shoulder pads that are also tiny leave at-risk locations exposed and shoulder pads that are also huge restrict your wheelchair.

Hockey Handwear covers: Like your shin guards, getting the appropriate dimension as well as proper fit is the first thing you need right here. A great general rule is, that the nicer the handwear cover, the more convenient features it will certainly consist of. Take our word for it, blisters are an unpleasant thing.

Elbow joint Pads: These are needed pieces of equipment that must always be put on. You never recognize when you’re gonna take a spill to the ice, lay on the body, or have a puck fly in your instructions. The last point you must worry about is obtaining a joint injury because you really did not use your elbow joint pads. All you actually require to do here is determine if you want difficult or soft elbow joint pads.

Jacket: This is often provided by the league or a part of the team’s work with effort. All you need to do is make certain it remains in your hockey bag each time.

Safety helmet: The absolute crucial tool as well as its necessity to fit correctly. You can check out our sizing guide for hockey headgears to get the low down on how to get the right dimension, however, for the benefit of this post, just know that it is one of the most crucial tools you will certainly possess. For gameplay, your safety helmet must be HECC accepted and also most organizations call for face masks. Some might permit a clear face shield or visor as sufficient face defense, however, it is best to consult your ice rink or league for their official policies.

Mouth Guard: Even if you wear headgear with face security, you can always attack your tongue or break some teeth thanks to a bone-jarring hit from the resistance. Always wear a mouth guard to avoid such troubles. Every mouthguard can be custom-made fit by dipping it in boiling water and also positioning it in your mouth for custom molding. Mouthguard product packaging will certainly supply step-by-step instructions on exactly how to complete this process.

Throat Guard: Pucks or skates to the throat are distressing to even think about, so don’t neglect a throat guard so conserve your throat. Lots of leagues for youth gamers will certainly usually need this for gameplay. Whether you’re old or young, you ought to get a throat protector and use IT!

Hockey Bag: With all of these tools you’re going to need somewhere to store it and also something to transport it around in right? Hockey bags are available in various layouts and dimensions to suit your style. They additionally are available with wheels if you do not seem like tossing them over your shoulder.


Skate Guards: Toss a collection of these over your blades after each game or method. This will assist maintain your skate blades sharp and also devoid of damage whether you’re walking to and from the storage locker space, or transporting them about in your bag.

Canteen: Maintain on your own hydrated all game long. Even if you get on ice does not imply that you’re not going to sweat and require some water. As soon as you have all that tools on and also you begin skating around, it fumes!

Hockey Tape: Try to keep a minimum of 2 rolls with you at all times. Hockey tape is necessary for taping your stick, attaching your hockey socks around your shin guards, and hundreds of other usages. You can merely never ever have sufficient of this stuff as well as it’s practically a certainty that someone will always need to obtain a little.

Shoelaces: It’s always excellent to have an additional collection of these with you. Laces get cut constantly on the ice and also having an extra set can conserve you an unwanted trip to the pricey pro shop.

Hockey Pucks: It’s constantly a great suggestion to have a puck with you to exercise with.

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