Finding The Right Bed

As you make your bed, you sleep, as the saying goes. Do you dream of an upholstered bed, a bed with a bed drawer, a double bed, single bed or waterbed?

With our tips you will find the right bed and the best furniture and accessories for a restful night.

How to get it right – Which mattress to choose?

Without a mattress, the most beautiful design bed is just a cot. We explain how muscles can best relax overnight and what bed systems are available:


At night the body comes to rest, collects new energy for the day. Relaxation is especially important for the spine, which is why we lie asleep.

Back muscles relax when the natural S-shape of the backbone on shoulders and hips is relieved and legs and waist are supported.

The right bed adapts to the anatomy of the sleeper, not the other way round. This is the only way back pain has no chance, because the spine can recover during the night.


The two-mattress system consists of a stable wooden box with a spring core, the “box”, as a base, supplemented by a flexible mattress, also with springs, which are upholstered for a soft lying feeling.

The springs provide precise support. The “Springs” allow the air to circulate and sweat is well removed, which is why box spring beds guarantee the best sleeping climate in the bedroom.

For people with weight fluctuations or those who like to lie hard or soft, box spring systems are not the right bed. The sleeping surface is not variable.


A base with springy wooden slats or flat wings made of plastic in combination with an elastic latex or cold foam mattress adapts to the body weight.

This bed system is lower in construction than box spring beds, but requires an insert frame. It is less permeable to air, but the degree of firmness can be changed with good slat base.You want a quiet ambiance in your bedroom and are looking for a flexible bed?

Your ideal sleeping environment resembles a 5-star luxury suite, box spring beds are not only something you dream of at night and the new minimalist design is lush? Or do you need the nature in your bedroom to relax properly, do you like wooden beds and love their nonchalance?

Here are three styles for the bedroom that will help you to find exactly the right bed for your needs and taste.

The style: Silence

Silence moves into the bedroom when the colours of the room are restrained and the forms are beautifully simple. Neither the right bed nor storage furniture screams for attention.

Instead of opulent curtains, a practical pleated blind filters the light by blending into the window opening. The right bed may be the center of attention, but it can make itself visually small with a fine frame or light colors.

With a low headboard it almost ducks away. When buying a bed, therefore, you should rather turn to bed systems with slatted frames.

The combination of slatted bed base or slats plus mattress is hardly bulky and fits into any frame. Another advantage: the right bed system can react flexibly to weight fluctuations, changes in sleeping position and back problems if the slats and springs are adjustable.

The style: luxury and comfort

It may be a little more, especially more bed and more feeling. If you like to relax sensually in the bedroom, dig your feet into a carpet (which also binds house dust), draw not only a lush curtain but also a blackout fabric in front of the window when day turns into night and lie down in the high box spring bed for a pillow parade.

This shines with maximum sleeping comfort, more bed height thanks to two comfortable mattresses plus topping. The right bed for living room fans who like it dramatic and comfortable is softly upholstered – from the mattresses to the headboard. A comfortable armchair makes the bedroom the perfect place to retreat, however a bed has an impact as well, click here for info on types of mattress.

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